My best friend is in an emotionally abusive relationship. She knows she needs to get out after he read her e-mails,  he eavesdrops on her and insults her as if she is the one with the problems. I offered to come get her, or send her money, but she refuses. Meanwhile she has no cash because she is unemployed and feeling super depressed.

I rather be by myself than be miserable with someone else. It is not worth it to your soul, your psyche, your inner core. You want to shrivel up and compress and want the pain to stop. Some women take sleeping pills to cope. Others turn to religion, or food or shopping. They might turn to alcohol or drugs and do harmful acts such as “cutting”, meaning cutting yourself with a knife.

Low self-esteem is always the culprit. People can sense weakness a mile away. I yearn to have that bounce in my step and constant laughter. I was so unhappy when I was in such a relationship. Nothing I did was right. He insulted me on every friggin’ thing until one day I had enough. I left and never turned back. It was so great to be free and have my own voice.

Oh, and the title of my post, “Get Out!!”…  The late great Richard Pryor in his comedy routine joked about scary movies and how they had creepy voices that said “Get Out!” It was foreshadowing to the tenth degree. Pryor joked that the White people heard the voices but hung around anyway. He then pointed out that Black people couldn’t be in no scary movie because we would be gone. Of course, since the 70’s, when that bit was performed, Black people have now been cast in scary movies but usually in minor roles. However, Pryor was hinting at the fact that Black people in scary situations know when to leave. Or do we?

They say hurting people always hurt the people around them.