1. Donald Trump does not have the credentials for President.
  2. He is a Birther, believing that Pres. Obama was born in Kenya.
  3. Trump said he sent a team of investigators to Hawaii and implied that they found something on his birth certificate.
  4. President Obama held a press conference, showed the long form of his birth certificate stating that he had  “more important things to do.”
  5. Trump bragged that he did what no other person was able to, get him to show his birth certificate. (the short form was already shown in 2008)
  6. He is now implying that Obama got into Columbia because of affirmative action. (despite Obama graduating magna cum laude and being elected President of the Harvard Law Review.
  7. He refers to African-Americans as “the Blacks” and said that he got along with them. It was later revealed that he was in violation of the “Fair Housing Act”, due to his refusal of renting apartments to Blacks.
  8. He is very arrogant and people abroad cannot understand the Birther movement. He has been president almost a full term.
  9. Blacks resent this because they know that as a Black you always have to prove yourself, and folks assume you cannot be intelligent.
  10. Racism is rearing its ugly head, and it’s used to generate votes by the Teabag Party.