While the Press Corps dinner was going on in Washington, D.C., it was later noted that officials kept looking at their Blackberry Phones. The reason was this: “Comb-over” Trump was being lampooned over the birth certificate issue but  the covert operation by the Navy Seals was well underway. They had shot and killed Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the attacks on 9/11. Thousands of Americans were killed after hijacked planes were deliberately flown into North and South towers of the World Trade Building, NYC.

The World Trade Center was targeted because it was the symbol of financial power. One plane landed into the Pentagon building in D.C., killing people who work on defending our country, and another was heading to the White House, but was diverted in a field in PA by brave passengers who heard about the other crashes and fought back against their hijackers.

Obama got Osama. Bin Laden vowed to keep on attacking the US and its allies and was leader of Al Qaeda. He was located in a palace one mile away from the Pakistani Military. Many had thought that he would be hiding out in caves in Afghanistan, but the Millionaire lived right under the noses of a government that the United States gives millions of dollars in aid.

“Deathers” believe that Osama is not really dead and they want to show proof. Still others give credit to George Bush,despite the fact that he had stated that catching Bin Laden was not really a priority. Former President Dick Cheney announced that enhanced interrogation techniques allowed (water boarding) that were outlawed were the real reasons that the murderous villain was caught…Michael Moore stated that Bin Laden deserves a trial like the Nazi Criminals.

Former President Bill Clinton warned George Bush about Bin Laden, along with the FBI and White House Briefings. However, after 9/11, The U. S. invaded Iraq because they thought Hussein had Weapons of Mass destruction. There were none. Haliburton had a major contract in Iraq, and guess who was CEO of this corporation? Dick Cheney. Are you still with me? Wait, I thought we were supposed to go after Bin Laden? We also have troops in Afghanistan. Is it no wonder the US is operating under a trillion-dollar deficit?

This does not include the mortgage industry, financial, and auto industry who received major bailouts. But each where you turn it is Obama’s fault. He can do no right, even as they say, if he found a cure for cancer. Non-supporters say,”Let’s take this country back”. Back from a black man who they second guess all the time because of the color of his skin.

If  one of the most powerful man in the world, bright, and ivy league educated is treated horribly in his own country, how do you think Black women are viewed?

Did I tell you I hate bigots and Donald Trump?