For a depressed, borderline personality, anxiety ridden gal, the news is overwhelming today. I get so distracted by the internet it is so hard to keep up. Back in the day it was just the big three networks: ABC, NBC, CBS. Your newscaster  was the trusted authority figure that you were so familiar with. The you had your weekly news shows and if you were lucky the morning and afternoon newspaper. If you were really into current events, you subscribed to Time or Newsweek. And the High Brow People watched PBS. Done.

No Television around? You turned to the radio, where families used to gather around in the evening and be entertained by a charming broadcaster’s smooth delivery and compelling  stories. Dad talked about how folks gathered around to hear the famous Joe Louis fight. His family was one of the few families that owned a radio during this time. The importance of this fight was up there with the US hockey team beating the USSR team during the 1980 Olympics, or Hank Aaron winning his home run title in 1974. (pre enhanced era)

People worked and went about their business of living after tuning into the news. Until……