Newt Gingrich is running as a Republican Candidate for President against President Obama. He referred to President Obama as “The Food Stamp President”. More race baiting. This is kind of old. Due to the recession people were forced to receive food stamps, welfare and unemployment just to survive. Americans wanted to work but there were no jobs available. I believe it was due to the fact that there was something called the  global Great Recession. In previous posts I explained in layman’s terms what caused it, so I won’t repeat myself. The fact is, once you use loaded terms people’s defenses go up. My stress levels increase and I am reminded how dirty politics can be. I despise hypocrites and feel that they are fleecing the public’s pockets to become richer. Double Standards become the norm and real issues do not get solved.

Gingrich led the call for former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, due to his lying over having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Meanwhile Gingrich was enjoying his own tawdry affairs and his excuse was “he was working too hard.” He was working too hard alright. Right into the bed of some strumpets.

And what does this phrase “We Need To Take America Back Mean?”  America is the land of opportunity and we supposedly have freedom, but does the aforementioned phrase mean a thinly veiled reference to back from a Black Man who many still believe was not born in the US? Do they mean America that launches wars primarily on people with khaki color skin and take and exploit countries resources? Where the rich and corporations get tax breaks and the poor become poorer? Lynchings and separate water fountains and back of the bus and illegal medical experiments and environmental pollution and counting coloreds as three fifths of a person? I keep hearing talk about children’s futures and grandchildren’s futures but no real talk on Wall Street Reform. What is wrong with making sure that Americans have adequate healthcare instead of  executives at health insurance companies getting massive bonuses? And don’t get me started on oil prices and immigration.

Why do some people of privilege argue that the poor are lazy as if they have the best schools and environment to thrive in? I can go on and on but it saddens me. As the racial and ethnic demographics in the US shift to minority being majority, I shudder to think of what rhetoric and legislation will become prevalent and accepted as gospel and law.

I have two advanced degrees, no criminal background, but people still prejudge me and underestimate my intelligence. Elderly women tighten their purses and bigots devise ways to marginalize me. Some people really think affirmative action is reverse discrimination.

I know whose child I am.