I am sorry gentle readers for my absence. The news has been quite intriguing. evolutionary psychologist  Satoshi Kanazawa  wrote a “scientific article” on how Black Women are considered the least attractive out of all ethnicities. He stated that Black Men were even more attractive than Black Women. Since then, the article has been removed because the server crashed. Cyberspace was on fire with folks heated. Who is this guy?

Well it turns out this ASIAN-American man has a history of saying stupid, controversial things such as, Women are essentially prostitutes, feminists are wrong, attractive couples have more daughters, the rabbit kicked the bucket, I need more cowbells, Ice Cube is a pimp, etc. This scientist with the Kwanzaa Black holiday sounding last name openly courts controversy and magazines allow him to spread his poison to the masses in our wonderful melting pot of American Society.

Unfortunately for Black Women, they get caught up in this firestorm. I see many, but not all, with necks swerving, writing: But “they”, insert group, are always trying to get a tan, butt implants, lip injections, and hair extensions. The super intellectuals will be to inform you that the bustle was created to resemble the Black Female figure after the sensation of the Hottentot Venus. And so on.

Then the Latinas and Whites reply, “Your own men don’t want your ghetto arses” and they proceed to name check every Famous and not so Famous Black Man that has dated outside their race.”

The exchange gets to be very hostile but it does not even solve anything.

Yet it does not even answer the question of  who in Sam Hill allowed this overcompensation for lack of size pseudo scientists to propagate these incendiary ideas. His research methods are flawed and suspect. Who were the people that he questioned? Were they from Caribou, Maine or members of the New Nazi Party? Could they have been people of color who bleach their skin and harbor such self-hatred? How large was your sample and did you ask anybody from the East Side of Detroit or in Burundi or a country where they have Fat Beauty Pageants? Did you use data from plastic surgeons who tweak appearances or just thumb through Marie Claire and People and counted the model and celebrities and then constructed your high fallutin’ bar graphs?

I don’t  know “Mr. Kwanzaa” Quack Social Scientist, perhaps you take your hypothesis from experiments from the 1800’s where the African brain was considered smaller than the European one, especially since this was the time that Africa’s resources were plundered by European empires? Do you discuss how Asians have eye surgery to get a more western look, or during WWII Japanese Women injected their breast with silicone to make their breasts look bigger for American Servicemen? Speaking of  WWII due to racism the atomic bomb was not dropped in Berlin, Germany but….Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japanese Americans were placed in interment camps and German-Americans during the war years either fought in the war or listened to FDR broadcasts… in the comforts of the home.

I could easily post links to phallus size  from where your antecedents come from, based on legitimate scientific study.  They come out on the er, shorter end of the stick. Nevertheless, if I went and methodically investigated your past I could  reveal without a doubt where your hatred comes from. Already,  petitions have gone around denouncing your quackery, thereby decreasing your income streams because I know greed is a major incentive for what you do. Happy Kwanzaa, six months ahead of schedule!!

P.S. The American born Kanazawa’s surname means “marsh of gold.” Nothing in my cursory google research describes anything about his personal life, jus, just stuff like girls liking pink  and Asians lacking creativity. I am not making this up!! He is an equal opportunity bigot who denounces “political correctness”. Marsh of excrement is more like it.

We do not need anyone else to validate our beauty.