Does it really mean freedom?Freedom to walk down the road, street, path and treated like a human being? Or will she be treated like a woman of ill repute, with eyes glued to her glorious backside, since America discovered backsides due to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Khardashian and Beyonce?

Will the Fourth of July mean that a sista walking down a concourse will be invisible because she really has no value unless she has a microphone in her hand like Diana Ross singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”? And the person that remembered seeing Miss Ross oh so many decades ago, will she clutch her handbag and recoil in fear thinking the darkie in front of her, who unbeknownst to the terrified white woman, is in a much higher tax bracket and does not need her paltry wad of cash?

Independence Day for the Black Woman…as she strolls down the esplanade, or the park or cross walk, will she be blissful because the man she loves, loves her for her, and she does not have to worry about him raising his voice, raising a fist or emotionally abusing her, because…well they have it like that and it takes hard work on both sides.

Do you get excited to see fireworks, that is fireworks if your community can afford them with budget cuts, and do you realize that in 1776 when you were colored you weren’t even considered a person? That Post Slavery times you still had to fight for your freedom, the right to vote, to own property, to work in a place where you weren’t considered “the help”? Refer to Frederick Douglass’¬†famous speech on this holiday for African-Americans, it put things into proper prospective, for all you scholars out there.

I will be happy this fourth of July. I will thank God for my health, family, friends and my loyal pet. I will reflect on the many contributions my sisters made to this company and be free. I will eat that chocolate chip pie and be a happy camper.

What does the Fourth of July mean to you?