Days like this when we have what is considered a heat wave tend to bring out short tempers. I tend to make ┬ámy myself scarce because I get irritable. I don’t want to snap on people. Leave me alone and chill. I will sit under a fan or ac, stay hydrated and check on my parents who want to be cheap and not have anything on. Oh, no. I have read too many stories of the elderly, pets and small children perishing because of the intense heat. A storyline on CSI had an infant left in the car for hours because the parent forgot to check the back seat. Tragic. I believe an administrator who was so stressed out and frazzled did the same. I do not want to read a story about a woman leaving her child in a hot car just to get their hair “did”.

I will say it again, I will not complain about this heat after the horrific winter that we had. I can go to the beach, sit on the shoreline and be happy. Beaches more often than not improve my mood. In the famous words of St.Louis rapper, Nelly, “It’s getting hot in here”. ( Pronounced with a strong regional accent.) So let’s take off all our clothes.