OK.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day, which is traditionally the start of summer. Summer blockbusters appear at the movies, and this year it was “The Hangover II” that broke attendance records. Despite lukewarm reviews, it was a movie with a following that had a built-in fan base of teenagers and young adults out for a couple of laughs, not highbrow entertainment, such as “The King’s Speech”, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Did I see either picture? No, it’s been ages since I have seen a movie and I don’t even have cable or even basic TV. I went from Comcast and a large Samsung TV to nada.

Contrary to popular belief I don’t miss it. Cable is a luxury and at this point I barely surpass the poverty level. So I write and read most of the day, something that I always yearned to do. Back to Memorial Day. It is a day that we stop and  commemorate soldiers who died in battle and celebrate people who fought for our country. I can’t imagine being sent thousands of miles away from your country and putting your life on the line for a country that does not even validate you. You could be from West Virginia, and living in a trailer park and decide to enroll in the army. You might return after your third tour of duty with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and unable to function. Will you receive the proper treatment available? That’s a hard call to make. The VA Hospital in Bethesda, Md had serious code violations that made national headlines. But I digress. I have lots of respect for people who are military and vow to keep them in memory for Memorial Day. It is only fitting. Don’t you agree?