Was the hair loss cause by genetics, thyroid, or hormonal? Or wearing wigs as my father bitterly stated?  Improper relaxer techniques? My friend simply stated, “Stress”. I called a place that had a specialist for hair loss and she quoted a hundred dollars for a consultation. Upon reviewing her web site I saw that I would have to purchase special vitamins and creams, all out-of-pocket. Thank you but no thanks. More internet research which people do before seeing the doctor. I couldn’t call it. I told my brother and he said, “shave your hair off” and put Sulfur Eight to make your hair grow.

I am sorry but a bald head is not for me. Some woman look good with a baldie, i.e. Amber Rose, but I don’t think I could pull it off. That would mean placing a wig on my head, and hoping it does not slide off.

After testing and seeing a dermatologist , it was determined that I had hair loss due to stress. He could tell because of the formation and pattern. He gave me a script for some cream, which I did not fill out. I went to the aforementioned Hair Supply Store and asked a kindly Korean lady to recommend  a product for hair growth. It was call Gro-gaine and it had ingredients from the rain forest. Gro-gaine retailed for ten bucks, and it was contained in a small bottle with a medicine dropper. It had a nice fragrance as well. Love the play on the other hair loss treatment for men and women.

Within days, instead of shiny bald patches, I now had fuzzy, coarse, beautiful, nappy hair growing back. More importantly, I was removed from stress in my life.

*Note: the medical term for hair loss is alopecia

P.S.: The title of  this post is in reference to an old Bugs Bunny Cartoon. I used to watch cartoons with an ex and I remembered the episode title so I decided to put a twist on it. I saw this cartoon twenty years ago.