My Friend


After six months of disappearance my friend came back. She was not missed. I did not even think about her in the least because she was a pain in the asthma attack. Whenever I knew she was coming around I would cringe and brace myself, and I would get warnings two weeks before she showed up. Like clockwork I always knew when her triflin’ butt would appear, wrecking havoc on my life. It was like Basketball Wives, RHOA , Hip Hop Wives, Star Jones and BET’s old girl “Cita” from “Cita’s World“, rolled into one. Add a dash of a thug missus from “Bad Girls’ Club“, a shot of a contestant from “Maury” and a jilted jump off from “For the Love of Ray J” and you get the picture. This child was conniving and a backstabber, so I prepared for her with a bag of salt and vinegar chips and copious amounts of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate anything, the more chocolate the better. When my friend was around I craved protein just to deal with her so a nice medium rib eye did the trick.

After leaving from around me I felt much better. My moods were better and I could think clearer. But I knew that heifer would be back. She didn’t care how old I was she wanted to mess with me. I told her I was too old to for her to be hanging around, and she just laughed and said that she’ll be back because she enjoyed messing with my head. I replied, “You narcissistic, blatant, b, u were gone for half a year and now you wanna come back?!”

What I just described was my menstrual cycle. Happy Monday!!


Rainy April Monday

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This is also Martin Luther King Jr.’s Anniversery of his death. I think how extremely brave this man was knowing that death was imminent. He spoke out against discrimination and risked his life so that we can have a better world. Rev, King followed the non-violent strategies of Gandhi, who fought to overcome the oppression of the British in India. King was an inspiring speaker, his cadence so powerful and reassuring. I think back to the fifties and ask myself, would I be brave against german shepherd dogs, fire hoses and billy clubs? Constantly being taunted by people filled with hate? How would I fare as a person with depression? Would I  be invigorated or plain tired, sitting on the sidelines?

Born Day

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Today is my birthday. I wish that I had a wonderful party surrounded by friends and family at an upscale locale. But being broke and tired , that could not happen. Well I need to reframe and shift the paradigm. My next 45 years on earth I want to enjoy and actually live. I am no longer in a profession that drains me and now I can focus on my spirituality and financial goals. I still hope to help others and maybe meet a soul mate. Over the past several  months I have neglected myself something terrible and my habits and routines were deplorable. I slept all day, didn’t keep a “good house” and wondered why I wasn’t happy. The stress in my life caused my hair to fall out, checks were bouncing left and right, male friend was demanding, I could go on and on.

However, I can do better! Happy Birthday Me!