She’s Losing It


My mom has mild dementia. We first noticed it a year ago and she did fine at one evaluation and not so good at another. Mom refuses to take her medication sometimes. Her doctor that she had for over thirty years subscribed ginkgo biloba which is over the counter and non-regulated as an herbal supplement. Okay. But we need something stronger. I point this out to my dad and he states that she won’t take it. Hello! Can you break this pill up and put it in her apple sauce or drink? Come on now. Why have mom suffer any longer just because she can’t make rational decisions? Yet you call your children over when there is a crisis. Mom should be enjoying the best years of her life, not ranting and  being obstinate. A pill won’t solve everything but at least it can help. But you are more concerned with what I am wearing and who will stare at me when I walk my dog. Stop deflecting and do your job as a husband.


“You Better Change Right Now”

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When “All In The Family” was a top ten television show, viewers tuned in to see topics that were sensitive discussed. It was the seventies, and show creator Norman Lear had America buzzing. One such topic was menopause. Edith Bunker was the dim-witted wife of  Archie Bunker, a narrow-minded, bigot. Edith was “going through her change of life” and her controlling husband shouts out, “You better go through this change of life thing right now!” Or something to that effect, because I can’t remember things! He might have said five minutes, but before I would have remembered and kept it moving but now…..I worry, and have to worry about accuracy and where to research and is it a reliable site and does it really matter, or will I be viewed as a non credible source….You get the picture. I am slipping. I am like a once powerful ballplayer in their youth, relying on a banned substance in their later years to compete.

Even as I type I am making silly spelling errors. I should know better, but at least I am discovering them. Time to solve this problem.