If you were tuned in yesterday, you would recall that I slept all day and had serious cramps. Well the solution was simple: after I ate something solid as opposed to Boost Plus Protein Drinks, I felt much better. My body was trying to tell me that consuming liquid food was not enough and I needed to get my behind up and get some real food! So once I consumed some carbs it was much better for the home team. The next day I ventured outside the house and into the below freezing weather and I have to say doing that refreshed me. Just walking to put the trash bin at the end of the driveway felt wonderful. There was less than an inch of snow on the ground and I thought about shoveling for a mini workout. Later I plan to go to my favorite grocery store, Aldi’s, to pick up some healthy food. I already have brown rice and yams, so I am thinking chicken and fish. The scary part of this vignette was I knew this already. Yesterday, then was a Pity Party Day, so I’m telling myself, “It ain’t that type of party!” Peace.

Note: ¬†Aldi’s is a no-frills, bag your own groceries, no courtesy desk store where the store brands are actually tasty. They are based out of Germany and you can money by shopping here, especially if you are on a fixed income like myself.